2023 World Siphonist Championship

Chikako Nakai, a full-time lecturer at the UCC Coffee Academy’s Kobe branch, a specialized educational institution affiliated with the UCC Group for coffee education, participated in the World Cup siphon coffee extraction technique competition held at Tokyo on September 29th. In the culmination of this prestigious event, known as the “Siphonist Championship (WSC) 2023,” Chikako Nakai won the 2nd place for World Siphonist Championship.

In preparation for WSC2023, the UCC Group assembled “Team UCC,” comprising top-tier members from various divisions of the UCC Group, to provide support and assistance to Nakai, who was representing Japan. As a cohesive team, they dedicated themselves to refining coffee roasting blends, perfecting techniques for maintaining consistency in blending ratios and flavor profiles, and crafting distinctive signature beverages.

The result of this collaborative effort was a comprehensive evaluation of Nakai’s siphon coffee extraction skills and the taste of his signature beverages at WSC2023, culminating in a remarkable second-place achievement.

The UCC Group’s commitment to nurturing industry-leading specialists, not only in Japan but on a global scale, remains unwavering. Our overarching mission is to harness the potential of coffee for a better world. Moving forward, we will continue our exploration of coffee’s inherent value and its positive impact on society.

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