Combining the creaminess of milk with the bold flavor of tea, we are proud to introduce UCC Matcha and Hojicha Tea Lattes. Made with Japanese quality and using
only the highest quality ingredients like Shizuoka Origin Matcha, every sip bursts with flavor. Enjoy the creamy, aromatic indulgence that defines UCC Tea Lattes.

Taking the traditional beverages of Matcha and Hojicha, we combined them with the creamy aromatic taste of tea lattes to create a drink like no other. Backed by the Japanese pursuit of perfection and craftsmanship, we use the finest ingredients to craft an easy and convenient beverage that can be enjoyed on the go.


Using authentic tea leaves from Japan, our Matcha, and Hojicha Tea Lattes boast a distinctly creamy and rich tea aroma. Naturally grown and picked with care; our carefully selected tea leaves give a subtle and enjoyable fragrance to every cup.


To pair with the subtle sweetness of the tea flavours, we used smooth and creamy dairy milk powder to give a rich and mellow taste. With the rich cream taste of full dairy milk, savour the sensation of a silky smooth drink with our tea lattes.


Contained in easy to carry sachets; all you need is hot water. Just add 140ml of 85° of hot water to enjoy your favourite tea lattes at any time of the day.

Committed to bringing you the finest Japanese latte teas, our latte tea series is crafted with Authentic Shizuoka Matcha and Japan Origin Hojicha. We exclusively source our tea leaves from premium tea-growing regions with rich volcanic soil and freshwater
rivers. This gives our tea lattes an added boost of flavour.
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