Coffee Jelly Jelly


*Coffee Jelly* *Topping Milk*
- UCC BLACK Unsweetened^ 1 can - Milk 100 ml
- Sugar^ 20 g - Condensed miilk 20 g
- Powdered gelatin^ 20 g - Fresh cream 100 ml
- Hot water^ 80 ml - Sugar 10 g
- Room temperature water 500 ml - Cocoa powder


  1. Make a coffee base : Put all ingredients(^) into a stainless-steel container and mix well, then add 500 ml of room temperature water to cool down
  2. Put in the fridge for one night
  3. Prepare the Cream Milk : Mix well with all ingredients and keep in fridge.
  4. Take out the coffee jelly from fridge and into small cube shape, separate in small glass bowls
  5. Add some milk cream topping and garnish
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