By roasting raw beans, the unqiue personality of coffee beans can be brought out; such as its aroma, richness, sweetness, and bitterness. Taste the coffee that has been carefully crafted by the grand champion of the UCC Roast Meister Contest.


Grand Champion Roaster Kosuke Saito believes that the characteristics of the roasting machine and raw beans should be assessed before determining the roasting temperature and time. The longer and more controlled the roast time, the more pronounced the coffee flavors will be. That is how our Roast Master beans are delicately roasted to perfection.


Grand Champion Roaster Kosuke Saito recommends a medium fine grind when you’re extracting coffee flavours using a paper filter. If you’re after a richer taster, try an increased amount of slightly coarser medium grind.

Our Roast Master recommends that Mild Coffee blend be taken black to enjoy it’s subtleties in taste. The Rich Coffee Blend can be paired with milk for a more rounded flavor. Try and experiment with the different methods of preparation to find the unique taste that suits you!

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