Stepping Towards 2030: Embracing Sustainable Coffee Procurement with Volcafé

UCC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President & CEO: Gota Ueshima) has decided to partner with Borcafe to achieve one of the goals set forth in the UCC Sustainability Guidelines, “2030% sustainable coffee procurement under its own brand by 100.” This brings the total number of sourcing partners to nine that meet our criteria for sustainable coffee sourcing.

The UCC Group is developing a globally integrated coffee business from cultivation to a single cup of coffee. In April 9, we established the UCC Sustainability Guidelines, which set a sustainability vision of “Positive change in the world through the power of coffee” and set one of our goals to make our brand 1% sustainable coffee sourcing by 2022.

In setting this goal, we have established new standards for each of the three sustainable elements of sustainable coffee procurement: the earth, people, and products. Based on audits by our collaborating partners in procurement, we will promote the procurement of coffee that meets these standards.

This time, the new partner “Borcafe” has its own standards that include “promoting sustainable coffee cultivation, preserving ecosystems, and supporting farmers’ livelihoods,” which is also the goal of the UCC Group’s sustainability guidelines, and aims to realize sustainable coffee production together with producers.

Through this new collaboration, the UCC Group, as a member of the global community, will work toward the realization of a sustainable society in order to deliver coffee, which is a blessing of the sun and earth, to people around the world for the future.

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