UCC Black SOT Video Campaign

UCCAP has launched the “UCC Black SOT Video” Campaign rolling out to leverage on commemorating 26th anniversary for this black no sugar added canned coffee.

Prior to the launch of this “Black SOT Video” Campaign, UCCAP works toward to content in search of understand-ing each market, context might vary from one country to the other, one key theme consistently was the video con-text will be able to apply across all APAC markets – focusing relevant brand content on online and social platforms. With that, UCC Taiwan and Thailand will be rolling out the new black campaign this month within their region.

Apart from the 60-sec video ads, the “Black SOT Video” Campaign includes 5 urban personality x 15 secs & 30 secs video and other marketing visual contents. These contents also relay the Black Coffee RTD campaign idea, brand role, and call-to-action. The idea is to produce a concept that we use 5 different urban personalities in different walks of their life that UCC Black Cold Brew is suitable for everyone and anywhere. The whole video statement portrays the UCC Black SOT’s specialty of the coffee aroma, taste, and richness in this category.

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