At Valence, deep in the Rhone Valley in France, is where UCC develops, roasts and produce some of it’s finest coffees that is perfected with European sensibilities. This environment of excellence is the inspiration behind UCC’s coffee capsule brand “Gourmet Coffee”, where the best beans are selected, blended, tasted, and approved by our master roasters to deliver an aromatic espresso with a thick and creamy foam.

With a philosophy of “From Cup to Seed”, we pour our expertise into ensuring that each cup is crafted to exacting expectations for our Gourmet Coffee. Through a stringent selection process, the best beans are identified and then roasted and ground in Valence, France. The roasted coffee grinds are thereafter encapsulated in an airtight aluminium body to serve up a true gourmet French coffee experience.


At UCC, we have a team of specialist classificadors behind our coffee curation process. With their excellent senses of taste, scent, vision, touch and proficient classification skills, our green coffee beans are evaluated in line with international standards where only the highest grade of beans are selected to be sent over to Valence.


Known for its gastronomy, France is home to some of the world's finest cuisines and wines. In Valence where our coffee is roasted and ground, a similar spirit of gourmet excellence thrives, birthing a gourmet brew that is unrivaled in taste.


Our coffee grinds are encapsulated using a state-of-the art Europe technology to bring you the perfect cup of coffee. Our 100% airtight aluminium capsules are designed to ensure optimal extraction and compatibility, giving you a fine brew at the touch of a button.

We have engineered our own capsule technology to offer the best coffee experience for you. Encased with a stylish aluminium capsule body, our innovative coffee capsules are fully compatible with Nespresso* machines.

Discover our collection of blends to be enjoyed as an espresso or lungo.

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