UCC Sustainability Guidelines Set goals in the “Coffee x Health” field

The UCC Group’s goal in the health field set forth in the UCC Sustainability Guidelines is to contribute to the health of people around the world through annual sales of 300 million cups and sales of 15 billion yen in the field of ‘coffee x health’ by 2030. determined.

The UCC Group’s purpose is to “unleash the power of coffee for a better world.” In addition, in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we have established the UCC Sustainability Guidelines and are strengthening and promoting sustainable initiatives.

For more than 50 years since the establishment of the research and development department in 1969, UCC has been engaged in research and development specializing in coffee. We have explored various possibilities related to coffee, such as the effect of suppressing However, it is said that coffee has many possibilities that are not yet known.

Therefore, UCC will promote further basic research and develop products that utilize research results. We have added “contributing to society” as one of the goals of the UCC Sustainability Policy. The UCC Group’s concept of “health” is defined as “coffee x health,” including not only foods with function claims, but also products such as caffeine-free products that are closely related to diversifying lifestyles.

The concept of “Delicious coffee for a slightly healthier life.” was launched, three new products (foods with functional claims), including regular coffee containing coffee-derived chlorogenic acids, which have been reported to slow the increase in postprandial blood triglycerides in people with high postprandial blood triglycerides will be released this fall. In addition, we will renew the “Delicious Decaffeinated Coffee” series and expand the product lineup of “Coffee x Health”.

UCC aims to achieve the goals in the “Coffee x Health” field of the Sustainability Policy, contribute to the health of people around the world with coffee, and realize the purpose of “unleash the power of coffee for a better world”.

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