Welcome to the world of The Craftsman’s Coffee. Our Craftsmen tirelessly pour their expertise into their beans, roasts and blends; refining coffee enjoyment at every step. Enjoy barista standard coffee with our flagship Filter Bag Drip Coffee.

From the aroma of freshly roasted coffee grounds to that first sip of flavorful coffee, we are dedicated to bringing an elevated experience of coffee enjoyment to you. UCC Craftsman’s Coffee is about bringing our best coffee craft to the table so you can indulge in an extraordinary coffee adventure with every cup.


UCC Craftsman's Coffee uses curated blends of dry and wet processed coffee beans to achieve a well-balanced flavor. With more than 50% of dry processed coffee beans in our blends, our Craftsman's coffee is rich in aroma and delivers a fruity flavor that is naturally acidic.


UCC Craftsman's Coffee utilises a unique double roasting method; known as W Roast, where coffee beans are roasted seperately for richness and aroma. The roasted coffee beans are then blended together for maximum richness and aroma.

Replicating the taste of barista style drip coffee at home has never been easier. Proudly presenting our flagship product – UCC Craftsman’s Drip Coffee. Made convenient and portable through an innovative filter bag design; enjoy the taste of authentic brewed drip coffee anytime, anywhere.

UCC Craftsman’s Coffee is also available in different formats for your personal enjoyment. Explore the full range below.

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