The 2013 UCC Kobe Port Promotion Conference ended successfully

Kobe City is one of the earliest cities in Japan that developed as a port city. In the past few years, 4 Kobe promotion conferences have been held in Shanghai on the theme of logistics, food, and shipping. Many aspects have been praised by all walks of life. In addition to enhancing the friendship between Shanghai, China and Kobe, in order to provide Shanghai residents with high-quality and diversified products, the fifth promotion conference was renewed in Shanghai this year. The theme of this promotion conference is to build a smart port. At the same time, the superiority of Kobe Port’s import and export is better reflected through the form of the food culture festival, and the further promotion of high-quality and rich products from Kobe.

UCC Coffee (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. had the honour to participate in this promotion in the conference hall on the second floor of the Garden Hotel. In this promotion, in addition to the concentrated promotion of UCC series of imported products, it also introduced the plans to be sold in 2013. The KEURIG drip coffee machine was demonstrated and promoted on-site and achieved satisfactory results.

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